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Koperasi Serikat Pekerja PT. Bank Negara Indonesia ( Persero) Tbk Kantor Wilayah 10, Jakarta or also known as: KOPERASI DHARMA already operating since 2000 with the legality of a complete and diverse areas of business that include: savings and loans, services, cleaning service, labor outsourcing ( servant, driver, operator, DPT) , mineral water, procurement of goods and agency needs office services from the company' s valuer valuer who has received permission from BNI.
The management of Koperasi Dharma: Djarot Sutantyo [ Chairman]
We are able to work in professionalism, and strive to provide the competitive price and good service to customers & partners.

One of the business unit is our mainstay business Cleaning Service Unit is equipped with adequate equipment and manpower that is trained, the more the service is good & fast for the customers.
Entrust with handling hygiene to us is the right choice because we will always strive to provide the best for the customer.

Vision, Mission and Motto Koperasi Dharma:

Vision : To become a better achievement in the work and services.
Mission : Expanding or developing business units that have, to open a new business unit, to provide competitive prices and improve service.
Motto :
Our promise, to uphold the trust and maintain the good name of the cooperative.
Our primary capital, to provide quality services that work in both.
Our Culture, to provide compensation to customers ( members and partners work) .

We have access to a vast network and strong in the units of work have BNI Jabodetabek region, and we also do not cover the possibilities if there are investors who want to establish cooperation in business, which we at this time Go, as we also need capital / funds to expand and develop our business in accordance with our Mission.

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